Thursday, September 29, 2011


Im too weak for all of His test..seriously im too weak..all the burdens that I carried (the curse) for a long time ago already made me a damn stubborn strong guy till by day, Ive learned a lot of things..from the whispering, talking, eyes witnessing, observing..but today..I learned something that made me scared since from what Ive learned from this "curse" is 100% accurate. Undoubtedly. I wanted to let all of you noe da truth, but im might think im crazy, or even worst u will  say that im just making up a story to scare all of you (since im a very sinful person, please forgive me ALLAH)..if you do ask me what's the story, I will tell you..but I will not speak any words, I will give you something & let you think..this is not a J.O.K.E..seriously..

7.12.11, what will happens on that date? It's kinda clueless, but many already talked bout that date coming..only ALLAH knows..hopefully I will get any sign first (or da last one)..or I will have to get the clues outside here..*sighs*..daily, midnite  mostly I will get a strange feelings + my body tempt will rise up..I dont know for what reason it's keep happen..but it's kinda annoying me..*sighs again* "cursed eyes" need rest..tomorrow will reedit & continue typin...

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