Friday, September 23, 2011


    Ya, this the symptoms that I'll get lately. Around certain of time I will found my self shaking cold & really bad aching + I have to take the painkillers to reduce it. Well all can I see now is the BIGGEST THREAD of HATRED comin ma ways. I noe I do many stupids things before. But it da way for me to learn something. the path & what i've done before, shape up a person that I used to b today.Im so sorry.

   Maybe Im gonna do my hibernate mode again. well im not in mood to socialize (what's wrong wif me?)..the blog tittle's explained everthing here.I'll give my heart away..away from everything..including L.O.V.E ..I tried to lookin at sum1, & ask my self "does she's pretty?".."can I love her?".."wow gorgeous?"..but every single girl that I looked, none of them really caught my attention.I do not noe y.

Lookin at girls make me feels like im just lookin at the boys..just plain, total plain feelings. I dont noe y I end up this way. Felt guilty, but mayb He do have something for me ahead. *deep sighs* *inhales*. What a total mess tat I created. Cant  believes my self much nimore.
 Hey, btw remember, when I met some1, I will put a mark on ya, so when someone tryin to be u, I will noticed it. So dont even try do that, since once I got punked,I will forever mark u as a lagu vdoe clip ats nun pn da smbung len ari la k..

on your mark, get set..*lari lajuu2* :( 

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