Sunday, September 18, 2011

What's Wrong..?

When we do close talk lately wit ma bestfren I found out that nite something is REALLY going wrong wit reasoning with him I discovered that I actually really NOT INTO GIRLS anymore..not sayin im a GAY, Im a normal person just IM TOTALLY LOST THAT FEELING'S..seriously he said that maybe "SHE" put a spell on me someway, but I dont think so..I had this FEELING'S maybe because IM HURT TOO MUCH back then..until now, no one can truly ever win my heart..even some of u reading this might actually sitting in my heart for a while, but when I thinking bout "HER", SIMPLY I can forget what WE HAD DO TOGETHER BEFORE...

Going out 4 a while just now also made me realize that I still keep her stuff, even her pic..seems like I cant FORGET her even I already forgive & forget what happened before..I am truly SORRY for what happen now..mayb im not will be going to marry or something..CLOSED my HEART already..because the space left only for "HER"..IM SORRY..please do HATE me coz I LOVE HER SO MUCH..

*   LARI LAJU2   *

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