Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Now..Just Let Me Go..

This past few days I felt really calm + FREE..mayb G.O.D put sumthing ahead for me..with this feeling also include a reeling moments, well, he cant S.T.O.P testing me..well I hope there r sum improvement from her, I wanna she to b stronger, even in a wrong way the way I did it, but that maybe the best for her..the PATH that currently takin is more challenging than before..easily can trip if im not aware enuf..
 Yeah, hey read carefully, I noe u tryin to hurts me with "that".But guess wat, it doesnt work like I said b4. She's YOUR'S now?,. Just sayin this randomly, next time,if u wan SEND something, just send something which more stronger, old skull 1. Im MORE that u can ever imagine. Im protected by الله unless He let that thing happens, than u can hit(s) me. Oh, btw, ur thing leave a bloody marks on my sheets, couldnt reach to ma chest uh? poor u..:)
  Not to talk big here, just sayin, it was truly wasting time..well gtg, oh ya, im not "sending" any it back 2 u..

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