Saturday, September 24, 2011


Bru lepas mkn ubat selseme, sblm ak start ngantok o wat so ever, bek ak tlis nukilan dkt sni..heee..
Stengah jam ak abis kn mse lyn fb td nk crik2 features bru dorg apply, haram, stu pn ak xphm..byk shortcut yg da ilg..hilang minat, lantas ak amek pluang lyn lagu + nulis blog..

Im doing some drastic changes now, sorry, I cant let u noe anything from me anymore even from the third parties itself (sorry I'll have too), so for the comin date, is the last one u will hear or see me, that I'll promise you..wanna keep distance rite? so I'll also wanted to keeep loooooooooooooong distance with ya..:)..

Hehe, so EVIL rite..? Well I dont give a damn what you guys think or talk shit bout me..I gotta do what im gonna do..Im R.E.B.E.L.L.I.O.U.S remember that..start raising my AK-47 since my H.E.A.R.T broken into billion of pieces..change tactics before I'll get hurts somemore..f*** not so emotionally stable right now..talked to GOD, humans, my Mocca-ca, but still feels the burdens that im carrying right now..mayb I should talk to myself..hee..:D..that Im gonna start holding a knife..start to..well it's kinda scary isnt it..

Better for me to lay down, defragmenting my brains..*take deep inhales* *continue typin* ..*yawns* well, the meds start to take effects..oh goh..I think I cannot take it anymore..well get ready guys...

*put ma hands on the starting line..go!! lari laju2*

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