Friday, April 15, 2011

Test No 8472047204... i facing big test from happy..coz i managed to control even inside im raging up to hell..but unfortunately sum1 cant accept or stand the God test for em..many times i told him, but he seem refused up to accept tat..from tat time i already think tat u r a person full wit drama, u play wit religions but inside u r too weak, truly weak..n i just laughed inside to see this kind a person..i sympathize 4 wat hav u been throu, but compared to mine none of ur experiences can match mine..none of em! coz u noe wat..K.A.U T.A.K.R.E.D.H.A dgn K.E.T.E.N.T.U.A.N -NYE OKE! xgne pngalaman ko ssh pyh ke ape ke cinte 100 taun ke klau x reti mghargai..da trgadak bru nk crik blik, bru la itu ini..n plg ak nyampah skali, kaitkn agama..pretending dgn Nye sbb C.I.N.T.A? hello..? So..jgn harap la ak nk lpskn die kt org cm anda ok der..:)

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