Thursday, April 14, 2011


Sy sgt happy, 15.4.2011 akn k uigt smpai bla2..sbnrnye gue tgh skit pwot cam nk berry2, tp sompat laie den nulis blog plak..heheh..adoi..tgh pk nme utk fesbuk ak maklum la..da x sepi lg katenye...hmm..da ring make me worried bout it..coz 1st, it's do drain alot of energy (full wit seals)..2nd..barrier not meant to be in real world..(but it will giv a lot of advntages when use in real world)..3rd..only me shud use tat ring..but i put trust sum1 holding long to prevent dr kne kacau ye better do sumthing than nothing..

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