Sunday, May 20, 2012

*hold your breath*

"baik ko tlg org jela,gnekn utk kebaikan"..
still trigt kata2 keramat dr ibu ku smpai la skrg..
lately, mcm2 dugaan smpai..berulang2..
last2 ak trpikir, it will never end..
coz mayb i gonna b someone..
"hope it will b a good someone to be"..
*S.M.I.L.I.N.G like a boss*
& lately de trbce some good offer..

-that mayb a good benefit there i think?
-i can truly know my own limit?
-can test new abilities? [THIS IS NOT SO RIGHT]

but my heart say so..
"go..this is ur chance"
really wanna apply for it..
.might need a few opinions first.


  1. today i'm nobody, tomorrow i'll be somebody... semoga dapat mengejar cita2 anda... done follow - Noob

  2. thx bro,mmg smlm da anta details kt dorg..hehe..

  3. wong ah meng pasni ko join uncleseeker ea?