Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wake Up Lonely..

Quite sleepy thou..hmm..just wanna say that currently achieving sumthing in my life, but no pain no gain rite? tat wat god giving me, leave it, He give u happiness inside by day i see wat He try to teach me something..whether i get it or not..soon i will realize it...the sad thing is, now im too far from stranger..i dont know what's wrong wit me..izzit due to my prayers? or sum1 bomoh-ing me..hmm..but..totally empty..wit o without i just feel sorry...i cant take it anymore or put another steps forward on this hanging relationship..till now im still thinking wat wrong wit me..or else..i just dont get it..mayb im goin too far..mayb tis is the safest way isnt it God..wat the best for me, i just accept it..u planned for me before i was born, yet u only let me choose the path..but u did warned me..thx...:)...
Sleepy, tired...but cant close ma eyes...tomolo..b a robot..talks, walks da same way..5..go home..
traffic jam..again..hmm..aiya..

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