Monday, July 11, 2011

3 Wishes From The 1 Eyed..

1..They want us 2 to denied the existence of angel & demon..
2..They wanted to control 2 by using mind control..

the 3rd one, I totally forgot..dem..3 Wishes from "them"..makin lme, makin seram ak dbuatnye ble byk bnde yg ak dah discover..& they getting stronger, even we know the "light" will win on that day, but it's kinda scary when we know the truth that most of us will follow the wrong 1..1st wish already granted because that what im see today, most of us denied the existence, n the sad one is, even deny that this will happen looooooooong way to go..hmm..for me, the "dateline" is just around the corner, whether we prepare or not..the "gate" is almost finish..& the wind blowing with such a weird phenomenon, of course, they r blowing to the only 1 place, "the 3 square"..I cant get information directly from da skies, since the "news" guarded with blazing arrow..& will hit anythg, anyone who try to steal it..

So..from alot of observation & ringan kn mulut bertnye, some of "them" bg jwpn..some of them not..hmm..plg mnarik adalah psl UFO & Pyramid..hehe..byk yg da ak tau psl better ak keep it with me je..bkn pe, nnt org ckp ak gile plak..:)..hehe..n lg stu psl religions, skrg ak phm npe de byk2 agama..rpe2nye..hish..bahye..sgt2 rahsie..:D..trkantoi sgle "agenda" mreke suda..nek srabot ak ble da tau byk prkre..better ak gnekn "curse" yg ade ni..smtre msih ade kn..hmm..n by da way, if ak d bri pluang utk join da "light" utk lwn "dark" when da time comes, ak mahu sgt2! even ak ni xla baik 2 hajat d hati ku..

Oh..ak trtnye2, adekah pedang d dunia ni yg d mane dkt ats sket bhgian guard, krenye dkt die pnye fuller bwh ade 3 biji permate, kaler merah,biru n lg stu ak xigt sgt kler ape..ak mmpi ak brade d bhgian dpn skali brisan perang, tgh pgg pdang 2 & lwn makhluk yg xprnah ak tgk..pdang 2 sgt rngn tp, tjam gler, skali zass, lyn trus..ak brperang dgn sgguh2, smpai la msuh2 2 sume mati..n last mse ak tgh2 check sumthg, de org dtg ckp.."ketua..tlg lihat.." n ak trsedar..hmm..mmg mmpi mainan tdo, but mmp 2 bg ak mnunjukkn sumthg..ak pn xdpt tafsir pape, sbb bg ak, ak xlyk utk jd seseorg mcm 2..tgn ak ni pnuh dgn dosa! Engkau ampun kn lah segala dosa2 ku Ya Allah!...

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